Who needs a Family Office?

The services of a family office are especially suited to families that would like to optimize their financial assets through centralization and intend to retain these assets over the long term, transfer them efficiently to the succeeding generations and maintain family cohesion and harmony as a goal in and of itself.

Careful management of a complex set of assets goes well beyond profitability as a sole criterion or the meticulous use of established investment methods and rules for asset, risk and liquidity management. Its guidelines are individually tailored work, creativity, neutrality and integrity free of conflicts of interest, and at all times, it should follow the family’s guiding principles and be subject to its complete supervision.

Family offices are especially effective when the wealth is complex and includes family businesses, real estate, agricultural and wine-making operations, investments and assets abroad, private capital and risk operations, real estate developments, shares of investment funds, investments in raw materials, interest rate and currency hedges, etc.

Family offices do not replace the family’s usual trusted advisors or expert executives in the family business. Rather, they work together with them and even seek out those specially trained and informed professionals to provide an optimal response to specific situations, such as international taxation or expert analysis of artworks.